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Thread: How can I make myself sleep when I'm too excited for my delivery?

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    Default How can I make myself sleep when I'm too excited for my delivery?

    I've ordered some great stuff online but I'm defiantly not going to able to sleep tonight, I know it's ok to not sleep occasionally but for 3 days now for other reasons I have not had a good night sleep and I really do need to sleep before I make myself ill.

    How do you guys make yourselves sleep the night before an exciting delivery?
    I've got sleeping pills to take tonight but I don't think that will be enough.

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    Hard physical exercise has always worked for me, regardless of the cause for sleeplessness.

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    I've heard physical excerise before bed keeps you more awake. Plus I feel too tired to do that right now

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    Not a fan of sleeping pills myself except on rare occassions, primarily because of the potential of addictions. There are some good herbal natural sedatives on the market that can help and have no lingering side effects like Valarian and Melatonin.

    Like Maxx, I'm also a fan of the exercise option. I go for a six mile mile run every morning which helps me sleep better at night. I think if you were to try exercising in the evening, I would do it in the early part of the evening and not right before bedtime to get all the benefits from it and allow your body to unwind and recover from it. It should help you sleep better. Also having a set routine to exercise is important.

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    I'm taking the herbal ones, I'm using kalms

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    Haven't heard of those ones, although I haven't had to rely on supplements for several decades now, fortunately. Aside from that, it would be a matter of staying on a routine such as getting up and going to bed at a regular time, avoiding caffeine and alcohol, particularly in the evening, a good diet. For myself, I still get times when I have difficulty sleeping depending on whatever stressors are in my life, but it usually passes.

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    better start counting those sheep then..... No I am only kidding unless you try it and it actually works well good and best of luck to you.

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    It really isn't hard for me to fall asleep after working a 12 hour shift. I usually just come home, grab something to eat, change my diaper, and then hit the sack. I'm usually fully asleep 10-20 minutes later.

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