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    Default Returning user~

    Hello, I was a user of the old IRC chat back in the day. As I went through a gender change in the meantime, I ask that you don't ask me what my name was back then, lol.

    I was hoping to hop back on, but in my long absence, I guess there is none anymore? Discord is the way of the future, I suppose.

    Anyway, I like breakfast cereal, ice cream, animals, novels, and stuffed animals.

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    Hi FearlessFen,
    welcome back to Adisc. What sort of novels do you like, whilst I'll read just about anything I'm mainly in to classic Sci-fi, true stories and some autobiographies and biographies. Currently I'm reading "the count of monti christo".
    Do you have any other hobbies or interests other than being an ab and a little? Are you in a relationship and if so is your partner supportive of this side of you. I notice from your profile you list yourself as male, is this before or after your transition?

    I see you have already made other posts and have joined a thread. Apart from the groups you have joined have a look through the rest of the forums as I'm sure you'll find others that you like.

    I hope you enjoy your stay with us and if you are going through a rough time you'll find there is a lot of support available. good luck with your new life and welcome again,

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    Welcome back on Board FearlessFen,

    what ice cream you like?

    I hope you find value with being a member on the forum.

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    Hi PCBaby and LittleLucas!

    I've never read The Count of Monte Cristo, but I read about a third of Dumas' other great work, The Three Musketeers, and I thought it was hilarious! Hopefully it's as good a time as The Three Musketeers I have mostly been reading fantasy novels lately, in addition to nonfiction (generally centered around human rights, world politics, etc.) At the moment, I'm tearing through Salman Rushdie's "Two Years Three Months and Twenty-Eight Nights" the title of which is inspired by the "Thousand and One Nights" of Scheherazade.

    Other than AB stuff, I mostly just work and read (my job is part-time, boring, and dead-end). I watch a little Netflix now and then (West Wing, Scandal, GLOW, etc.). I have chronic pain, so I sleep a lot, lol. When I'm not doing any of that, I study for the GRE (like the SAT but for grad school) in hopes that I'll get into grad school. My undergraduate degree is in International Relations, and I'd like to pursue it further.

    I'm a trans guy, so "male" is post-transition. I use he/him pronouns

    My relationship status would best be described as "complicated," lol. But no, she doesn't really know.

    As for what ice cream I like, I'm open to many different kinds! Mint chocolate chip, cookies and cream, chocolate, strawberry, etc! I am an ice cream enthusiast, and will try any flavor c:

    Thanks for the warm welcome, guys!

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