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Thread: Flat cloth diapers

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    Default Flat cloth diapers

    I am wondering why nobody else seems to be using flat diapers because I love them and I rarely ever use disposable any more because I found that they are great and alot more absorbent and leak barely ever they are very good at being customized to be more absorbent where you want it

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    Oh, you're far from the only one here to use flats. I'm mostly a prefold guy m'self, but about a year ago, I discovered the Snug Bug stretch-flats from Sweet Iris Designs. They're a one-sided French terry made from bamboo and spandex. They're for babies, but because of their stretchiness, they're the most adult-friendly baby diapers I've ever come across. I have a 37" waist, 42" hips, and a 27" rise, and these diapers go right on and are extremely comfortable. I usually stack two of them, then tri-fold a third diaper down the middle for extra absorbency. The absorbency of these diapers is incredible, too.

    I'm sure a few others will chime in...

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    I have some purity flat and some Birdseye flat diapers that my neighbor made for me since I have a thirty four inch waist she made them forty four inch and I can use any fold with smaller flat inside of them or Gerber baby prefold works great for me

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    I like my flat gauze diapers the best. They are great for overnight with a baby prefold for a stuffer and pull-on plastic pants. I sometimes wear them in the daytime, although I wear disposables in the daytime if I am away from home.

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    As a younger adult, I had a 29" waist and I often used the toddler sized Gerber flat baby diapers along with the Gerber pre-folds. I'd put two pre-folds inside a flat diaper along with Gerber toddler size plastic pants. I was able to wear those for many years until the internet connected me with adult size cloth diapers. I still like the idea of wearing real baby diapers.

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    Flats ARE awesome-I recently got a bunch during the last sale. They dry WAY faster than pre-folds(which i still prefer).
    Unfortunetly, my caregiver pins my pre-folds WAY better & easier than when she uses my flats with their numerous(& pretty cool) varieties of interesting folds like the orgomy(sp) fold!

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    How do you pin them if you use pins front to back or up and down

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    Quote Originally Posted by Babybuk View Post
    How do you pin them if you use pins front to back or up and down
    I prefer orienting the pins side-to-side versus up-and-down. I'm not convinced that the orientation makes a big difference though, fit-wise.

    There's a medium-length discussion on this topic over in the cloth group.

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    i wear contour diapers but use flat ones too

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    We have just ordered some flat fold terry nappies, will post our experience with them later in the week

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