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Thread: I'm ABDL from Malaysia

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    Default I'm ABDL from Malaysia

    Hi all, I'm from Malaysia and nice to meet you all. sry that I might be writing in broken English.

    My name is John, I'm 26 years old (2017) and still single. Currently working as factory technician and living in area of Kuala Lumpur. Perhaps I'm living in a closed minded country, I found hard to find any friends who have the common interest. Besides that, I usually go for sports or weekend movie. I do enjoy movies or shopping with my diapers on.

    When and how do I become a DL? I am a person who always worry a lot of things and lack of confident and safeness which my mind will keep on thinking and spinning non stop whole day. It's quite tiring for me especially the time I study. When I was 20 studying in university with most of my subject fails, my mind have gone to the worst, like I'm lost in my life.

    As I looking on Internet randomly, I saw some pictures of kids wearing diapers playing at home with no worries and I could feel the calmness in my mind by just imagine in wearing it, so I decided to give it a try and it works. After wearing it, my mind so much calm and I feel more confident in my life. I can even focus on study when I wear them. That's how I get my university graduated.

    I have tried a few kind of diapers like Drypers, Mamipoko and Tena. For me Mamipoko is the best, it fit just nice for me. I wear them everynight (easily for me to fell asleep). Day time, I only wear them when I'm going to shopping mall so that it won't make them a lot sweaty. I usually just pee on them and not doing the other things on them because it would be way too dirty for me.

    Hoping to know more friends from Malaysia too so that i won't be feeling lonely and awkward in this country.
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    Welcome to ADISC!

    I see by your profile that you like movies.

    Any particular genre of movies you like? I especially go for sci-fy type movies but also some action-adventure.

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    Hi MalaysianDL,
    welcome to the group. It's nice to meet you but could you possibly tell us a little more about yourself?
    Things like your hobbies and interests other than nappies/diapers as we all have that in common in one form or another, are you married or with a partner and if so do they know about this side of you and are they supportive? Do you work or are you still studying. the more you open up about yourself the easier it is for members to see what they have in common with you.

    After all that, have a look through the forums and find some you like and then jump in and take part but most of all enjoy.

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    Welcome on Board MalaysianDL,

    I hope you find value with being a member on the forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyDenise View Post
    Welcome to ADISC!

    I see by your profile that you like movies.

    Any particular genre of movies you like? I especially go for sci-fy type movies but also some action-adventure.
    It's depends mostly of my friends. For me, I prefer more to horror and action.

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