Hey all!
So, me and my online daddy have been dabbling in the idea of a potty roulette, using this site http://wheeldecide.com
I'll roll it everytime I need to use the bathroom
I have a solid amount so far, but want to know if you have any extra ideas.
I haven't added anything diap related, and am not sure if I would do that, as I don't have an unlimited amount, but I suppose if it was quite rare I could deal with that.

For Wetting

'5 sections to go potty
8 sections to drink a glass of water and wait 10 minutes
5 sections to listen to waterfalls or running taps for 10 minutes
1 sections to be denied for an hour
1 section to pee myself'

For Messing

'3 sections to go potty
7 sections to squat down and push for 3 minutes
6 sections to take a suppository and wait 10 minutes
3 sections to be denied from the potty for 3 hours
1 section to mess self'