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Thread: Piracy At Sea.

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    Default Piracy At Sea.

    I guess everyone has read or seen in the news about the piracy of the U.S. ship "Maersk Alabama" off the coast of Somalia this past week. I would like to know what your opinions are on this subject.

    What do you think the governments of the world should do to prevent pirates from hijacking ships on the high seas? How far do you think the navies of the world should go to rescue ships and their crews from these pirates.

    Who should try pirates for their crimes? And, what sentences should pirates get if caught and convicted?

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    Yes they should be punished! But the first thing we as a nation need to do it to get one or more of our Iowa Class Battle Ships out of retirement and get them back in service. Having one of these Dreadnoughts off your coast line will get someones attention real quick. And it that does not do it a quick volley from their 16 inch guns should handle about any situation. Being a 20 year Veteran of this country I am not happy at all seeing the countries around the world thinking that they can kick us around and get away with it.

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    I'm going to try and answer all these questions, so hang in there:

    You can treat the symptom of a problem, but it's the "source" that causes the symptom that has to be fixed. Treating the act of piracy is simply a symptom of a bigger problem, which leads to Somalia's government (the source) as a whole. I guarantee you that if Somalia could fix its governmental problems, piracy will decrease in that country. However, it takes time and money to fix such problems, so don't expect that to happen for a long time.

    As for navies, it truly depends on the situation. In this case, they want to make sure that all men survive the incident of pirating, and they will take any precautions necessary to get their men home alive. However, I am not one to answer this question because I am not part of or affiliated with the military and its course of actions.

    Again, for trying the pirates for their crimes and their punishments, it all depends on the situation. If violence and death have occurred, then they should be tried for murder and the such, etc, etc.


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    Personally, I think the punishment for piracy should be the same now as it was 200 years ago. If a commander of a warship caught someone engaged in piracy, they'd hang them from the yardarm. If we make some updates regarding standards of evidence and collection of same to support the execution, I say GOT FOR IT! That having been said, we as a country cannot just go gallivanting around like the Commandos Marine (French SEALs) and get our hostages killed in the process. Additionally, if we start hanging Somali pirates after they surrender or get captured, word is going to get out, and that is going to put our people even more in harms way. Granted our boarding teams are good, but the law of averages catched up with everyone.

    And as much as I want to refrain from commenting on the battleship idea, I just can't let this one go... Those old battlewagons are in such bad shape it really isn't worth it to recommision them. Plus, they havn't manufactured powder for them since the war (WWII), and they probably havn't been inspected and re-bagged since the 80's. We really don't need another USS IOWA (BB 61) incident, do we?

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    Oh my god, people are downloading music in the ocean?

    Killing people is bad, Mmkay.

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    Personally, im rooting for those Somalians. That country has no better form of income and they are definatly not out there to cause any physical harm. It's no less immoral than occupying a country and establishing a government that will sell you oil for less than the previous one.

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    The Somalian pirates have certainly made the news a bit more interesting.

    All this stuff about French commandos, pirates, helicopters, and crews fighting back...

    I'm not sure what the best solution would be, but it's my hunch that folks in Somalia (and many other places) are in desperate need of resources, and would benefit from legitimate, mutual arrangements more than those of the piratical kind. Limited options, I guess.

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    The Somalia situation is causing people to act in desperation, there hasn't been a viable government in nearly 20 yrs.

    It actually takes a lot of guts to try and hijack a big ship in little rickity fishing boats.

    Maybe if the worlds richer governments put some of that military money into humanitarian programs, there would be no need for desperate people to try hijacking ships.

    There's a funny story to the Canadian navys involvement in preventing hijackings.

    In 2006, a group of boats was pursuing a cargo ship of the coast of Somalia.
    The Canadian navy launched a helicopter from thier frigate in the area.
    The chopper flew in front of the boats and lowered a big sign that read " STOP " in somalian, so the boats turned around and headed back to shore.
    Hows that for correct use of force.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zekk View Post
    Who should try pirates for their crimes? And, what sentences should pirates get if caught and convicted?
    Any nation that's been "attacked" by them and any sentence that country wants to apply.

    As for the 2 or 3 warships looking at that small little lifeboat I am going to be PISSED if they don't blow those idiots out of the water. One warship was already clearly enough to end this stupid little game.

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    The American captain is safe! Three of the pirates were shot dead by the Navy Seals after the captain jumped out of the lifeboat where he was being held. The fourth was on the USS Bainbridge in negotiations and was arrested.

    Goooooo Navy!
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