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    Yesterday I decided to buy a pack of diapers after more than half a year of not wearing (I did not have a chance). So I went to the pharmacy to get a pack of Tena Maxi diapers for myself. Because I tend to enjoy the thrill sometimes I decided not to pretend anything and let the pharmacist know that I will be wearing them. I claimed not to have medical issues but that I sometimes have accidents after a night out. I told the pharmacist that I was not satisfied with the previously used pull ups because they leaked a couple times and I told her that I would like to buy a pack of Tena Maxi as I researched it on the internet and they seemed to be what I am looking for. The pharmacist was very professional about it and did not ask any further questions. She went to the back and she came a while later with my Tena diapers. I paid and left the store. After getting home I immediately tore open the package, stripped off my clothes and diapered myself. Then I put on my sweatpants and an oversized shirt that reaches far below my hips. I sat on the couch in our living room (I live with two flatmates - one male and one female - who don't know about my thing for diapers). I was sitting and watching tv amd waiting for my flatmates to get home. I decided to dress in sweatpants and a long shirt to hide my diaper. After around two hours my flatmates arrived and we opened a bottle of wine and chatted. I knew the diaper was not visible but it was still a thrill to be around my two flatmates and knowing I am wearing a diaper. After some time I began to feel a need to pee but I haven't learned to pee sitting so I waited. Later one of my flatmates went to the bathroom and the other one went to prepare some snacks in the kitchen so in the meantime I got up and while standing I flooded my diaper and sat down again. We spent another 2.5 hours sitting in the living room together and I really had a fun time sitting next to my flatmates in a warm, wet diaper!

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    That was very forthright of you, not sure I'd have elaborated beyond "my previous garments weren't working, I prefer the tape on ones" with my med supplier

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