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Thread: my BM accidents are getting worse

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    Default my BM accidents are getting worse

    Hello all,

    i've got a question,

    my uncontrollable BM accidents are getting worse and also the frequency,
    i'm not too worried, and i dont feel like seeing my GP,
    my caffeine intolerance is getting stronger, and in the morning drinking 2 cups of coffee, all things go nuts.. and all gets runny...
    i'm eating as healty as possible, i'm carefull with sugar, getting enough fluids in like 3 liters of water with fruit sirop... a 1 part sirop to 1 liter water...
    i'm not as healthy as i would be also exercise wise, getting into walking/ running tights is a bit much because i need my thick diapers... ( i'm getting to grow into it though)

    do i need to be concerned? i guess not because every step in getting accidents and so on i can relate to something like coffee or spicy food like peppers and garlic

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    Well yeah, you should be concerned. Any person who is having medical issues and yet doesn't want to go to the doctor should be concerning.

    And yes, caffeine is a know bowel irritant. Cut out the coffee and start taking some fiber for starters.

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    I think you need to see your GP.

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    Agreed go see your doctor and cut coffee out for a while to see if your bowel issues subside but its time to see your doctor

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    Definitely see the GP. What is your diet like otherwise. Syrup and water isn't something you can live on for an extended period.

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    i've seen my GP after a 2 day poop nightmare, nothing really wrong !
    i'm eating enough fibers, also hydrated perfectly !
    my bowels are more sensitive now, so as mentioned, cut back the caffeine.

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    Any significant change in bowel habits could be a sign of a more serious condition. I too experience a change in my BM's from time to time. I stopped drinking coffee years ago and with the addition of a bulk producing fiber supplement (I injest 4 to 5 large , double doses of Metamucil a day and while this sounds like a lot, through experimentation, it's what i've found is needed to keep my BM's firm). I drink almost exclusively decafinated green tea, hot or cold out of a bottle -Lipton diet green tea. I also drink plenty of water so if anything, i'm over-hydrated. I eat mostly organic, unprepared food so my diet is extremely "clean." I do enjoy the occasional pizza when out but otherwise I stick to what I know works for me. When I first became IC, my voids were very loose (and uncomfortable). My life-style includes regular exersize also. You can't expect regular, easy to pass BM's without a healthy lifestyle. I do, however,experience increased frequency and volume due to my fiber intake but much prefer it to loose stool. It's a personal prefrance. Go see your Primary Physician. I see mine 4x a year, more if I get a sign something might be wrong. Use your head.

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