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Thread: Answered the door in Diapers!

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    Default Answered the door in Diapers!

    So, on my day off, I am sitting in my living room watching TV. I am wearing just a diaper, my pink PAMPERS T-shirt with my pacifier clipped to it. I hear someone knock on the door at the unit next to me.

    A few moments later, this guy is walking to my door. I get up and meet him at the door. I am not fully standing in the doorway, but I am sure it was obvious what I was wearing! It was so much fun.

    After I asked him what he wanted he quickly turned and walked away!

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    Gutsy move. That would have scared me. But my door has a sort of anti-social sign on it. No solicitors and below that I added "No peddling, no preaching, no fund-raising". That was added by a suggestion online for ways to get religious people to leave me alone. It works almost all the time.

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    Wow, that takes guts. If I was the one at the door and you answered like that, I would have invited myself in. Haha.

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    Every time I answer the door while diapered, I make sure I cover up any AB clothes I'm wearing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Onesieman View Post
    Every time I answer the door while diapered, I make sure I cover up any AB clothes I'm wearing.
    What's the fun in that?

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    We get a lot of things delivered to our house because we order through Amazon rather than go into stores. There have been a few times I've been diapered when I've had to take or sign something from the UPS guy, but I've always had shorts or pants on over my diaper. If they come a'knock'n, they take their chances. I'm sure they've seen a lot of things that gives them stories to tell their families when they get home.

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    I've had several times where I've answered the door with a diaper on under my pants. And I've answered the door when wearing footie pajamas with a diaper underneath a couple times (though it's doubtful somebody will notice the diaper in the few seconds it takes to get something delivered and while they're already taking in the footie jammies). I've never answered the door in just a diaper though. I look at diapers themselves as underwear, and I wouldn't answer the door in just my regular underwear either because I think of it as not presentable to other people. To each his own though, it is your home after all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slomo View Post
    Lol, that's one way of getting rid of solicitors.
    Or Jehovah Witnesses. Lol

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    Quite a gutsy move on your part... Imagine if it was a Jehovas Witness at your door in that case, that might just get them to run away, especially if you happened to have a full diaper at the time..? Haha!

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