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    I am mostly a DL, with the occasional desire to dress like a baby in something pink and frilly and drink from a bottle, suck on a pacifier. I have tried in the past to get into "little" mode but it is hard for me to do, especially when I am all by myself.

    I know a couple of diaper friends online and they are near me. One of them invited me to "daddy's house" on Saturday night!

    It looks like there might be two of us in diapers and one Daddy.

    This is so exciting to me, but also I am nervous. I have never had my diaper changed by someone. I am going to go see him though. I will go with an open mind, try to relax and MAYBE I will find my little space!

    Any advice?

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    Sounds like it will be fun! I have a "mommy" who cares for me at times, and it is a really nice feeling. I will tell you that you may want to reach-out to your "daddy" and get to know him in advance. It sounds as though you have a tight timeline, but I feel the situation is more comfortable after you get to know the person before you meet them. Meeting in person or a phone call are great options, but a text/IM conversation would do. This provides you with the ability to develop rapport as well as set expectations and boundaries so that the situation doesn't become awkward for you or makes you feel uncomfortable. Furthermore, it will let you know what supplies or items you can bring that will help you have a good experience (i.e. an overnight bag)

    My mommy and I have a special bond that we get to share and I feel it becomes more enhanced as time progresses, but getting to know each other in advance made the situation very pleasant. She changes me, feeds me, bathes me, reads me stories, and watches cartoons/plays with me. She also talks to me as if I'm a baby and it is very comforting. I wanted to just list some of the options here for you when you are with daddy. Surely, having other friends with you will make the experience even better.

    I will say, it sounds like you are more on the DL side of the fence, as I am more AB. I feel that changing/bottles/pacifiers are all very natural to me, but if you are just meeting someone for the first time, it may be awkward if you haven't done this before. If you have trouble getting into little space, you may just want to go vanilla and then ease into "little space" as the time goes on. Your approach to go in with an open mind and relax will make your experience very pleasurable. Getting your diaper changed is so nice, and it makes you feel nurtured and cared for. Hope you have a good time!
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    I've always had an easier time getting into little space with a caregiver, especially if I tell them about what gets me there and some people have triggers. So maybe you'll find you're own triggers or this daddy will help you! I'm sure you'll have tons of fun either way , good luck! (And don't forget , it's okay to say no to something, and it's okay if you can't get into little space or don't like it don't feel pressured!)

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    I have always longed for someone who shared my desires in my life, however despite being a great person; being a 'little' scares the hell out of me in my prospects for potential lovers. I mean that if I was able to be married to another 'little' with similar interests, it would be a dream come true. Unfortunately, it may be my lot in life for that opportunity to never come my way.

    I have always longed for a caretaker, but a caretaker who also is in their 'little' space with me. Dealing with my past lately, without the luxury of being able to crawl into my 'little' space (i.e. no diapers, no supplies, no time, no money for these items), has become a life or death struggle to keep moving forward as I am slowly worn down by the outside world.

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