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Thread: Nightime wearing

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    Default Nightime wearing

    I've been wanting to increase my diaper wearing. A sure way to do that would be to start wearing at night to bed. I'm having trouble falling asleep wearing. I find it hot under the covers and can't get comfortable enough I need to be exhausted to fall asleep. I could uses some advice here.

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    Here's what I think you should do:
    For the first few diapered nights, you should try taking Zzzquil (preferably its generic) 30 minutes before bedtime. It would also be a good idea to use fewer blankets or use none at all if your room is warm enough.

    The more you wear, the easier this gets.

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    I persisted with it and it took a while too wake up wet, it does take a bit of work but it is worth it, hardest bit is sleeping without and making sure you remember
    Good luck

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    I'd disagree with Stormtrooper. If you take something to fall asleep, you end up relying on that thing rather than getting used to the diapers. I think the only way to do it is to just find a good 3-4 day period where you can consistently get to bed on time and even with a little extra time to get some sleep if you're struggling with it. You'll have a couple of rough nights and then get used to it.

    Alternately, you can wear to bed for a little while, try to fall asleep, and if more than ~20 minutes passes, just take the diaper off and try again the next night. It takes longer that way, but if you do that for a couple weeks, you'll wind up getting used to it.

    Also, if you are too hot or actually uncomfortable (rather than just being conscious of the diaper) then definitely shift things. Move blankets around, try different pajamas, or shift your position.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KryanAshford View Post
    Usually I just sleep in my underwear or in this case a diaper
    Well, you could try wearing a shirt and having one less blanket than normal (the shirt so your upper body doesn't get cold). Just throwing out options.

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    I'm suddenly thinking a onesie would be a good idea. I Do have lighter blankets, so I'll give that a shot.

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    Lighter blankets will work, I would refrain from taking any type of sleep aide.
    I normally sleep in a diaper and tee shirt, in the winter I wear union suite (one piece pj's) but I've been doing this every night for 3 years now, so I'm use to it

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    It sounds like the problem is you can't sleep because you're too hot, not because you're wearing a diaper. Go with the lighter blankets, and/or maybe a fan too.

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    I know when I first started wearing to bed, it took a little time to get used to them. So there might be a time period it takes to get used to them. Also, it's not always gonna be too hot to wear...that just comes with the Summer season depending on where you live.

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