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    After reading about it last night i ventured in to the world of double diaper, a Abena L4 with a Bambino Bellisimo on top, i was different to say the least, not something i would do on a regular basis but very enjoyable, i did find out that sleeping on my back was the best position, has anyone won experienced this? and has anyone gone more than 2, I have noticed you can buy leather leg spreading reins, has anyone any experience of them?

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    Once i had to get rid of a few diapers before my mom got home from a vacation, so i thought i might as well put on a all of them to see what it felt like. I think i had 4 betterdry's on. It liked it in a way because i waddled like crazy, but i don't think i'll do it again unless i have to throw the diapers away anyway.

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