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    Default how is crinkle crate

    Is crinkle crate worth it each month or bimonthly as it is now.

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    So my June Crinkle Crate arrived.
    It contained
    2 sample packs of ABU Super Dry Kids diapers. Value $12
    Blue bear blankie and teether Value $13
    Blue pacifier $9 (see prices e.g. at Big Tots on eBay)
    Fidget Spinner $4
    Minions Activity Book $3.75

    That totals $41.75.
    I also got a recipe for "Fluffy squishy diaper slime." Yuck.

    I paid $67 for this.

    Was it worth $25 for Crinkle Crate to do my shopping for me?

    It was fun to receive and open my Crate!

    There is a new pricing scheme; crates will come every 2 months and you subscribe to different options. I signed up. I will, however be considering my options.

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    I'm biased. I work for Crinkle Crate...

    But Crinkle Crate has definitely learned and improved a lot since they first launched, and their new Customizable Crinkle Crates are definitely something to check out! With the new crates, you can literately customize your own crate and get exactly what you want! Currently, they offer options in three main categories; diapers, toys & accessories, and clothing.

    With the diaper category, you can now choose between getting a sample diaper pack or even a full diaper pack! And like every other category, if you don't want anything from that category, you don't have to add it to your crate! (Just as a side note, it's good to keep in mind that Crinkle Crate is not a diaper company and instead is a service in which they are trying to offer individuals the chance to try new products, and thus, when estimating the value of something like a sample diaper pack it's not really comparable to what a single diaper (times 4) would cost coming from a full pack. ABU charges $6 per diaper for samples alone!)

    Honestly though, I think the best part of the new crates is the clothing! They are taking a lot more hands on approach and are really dedicated to providing not only the best products possible, but completely new designs and styles! All their new clothing is fully designed and manufactured by them; not only that, but they are now offering both boy and girl designs. Currently, they have the "Small Boy Clothing Pack" and the "Small Girl Clothing Pack," which is their custom designed onesies. There will be two new designs (one for each gender) based on each new crates theme. Not yet available, but coming soon, a second option in the clothing category will be available; the full outfit option. Again, their will be both a boy and girl option. This is the really exciting part to what they have been working on lately! All the full outfits will be made from completely custom designs and patterns. Some designs they have been working on include shortalls, footed sleepers, two piece pajamas (styled after little kid pjs), button-up onesies, bodysuit dresses, and much more!

    As for prices, all the different package options in the new Customizable Crinkle Crates are definitely reasonably priced, especially compared to getting something similar from other places. Again, Crinkle Crate is first and mainly a "service" and so they dedicate a lot of time to things you might not think about, liking designing and printing inserts for each new crate, or hand picking and packing each and every order. The new crates will supposedly have even nicer inserts and custom tissue paper and other custom packaging materials.

    Again, I am biased, but I definitely think the time and dedication the creators of Crinkle Crate have been putting in lately, like their fully redesigned website to the new Customizable Crinkle Crates deserves a chance.

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