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Thread: Being a full time little

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    Default Being a full time little

    I am little hero; I am a 20-year-old college student. I recently discovered my little side. I have a daddy, and we have met a few times. Daddy has offered me to be his full-time little, move in with him and he will financially support me. Daddy makes good money. It is just that I have the school near where i live and adult responsibilities and my family does not know about my little side. He is willing to help pay for school, but i has to be closer to him. He lives three hours away from me. I want to...but adult responsibilities. The only thing he asks of me is to be totally diaper dependent which is not a problem. I don't know what to do? I want to be a full-time little but at the same time, I can't. Thank you for any advice or suggestions.

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    Hi littlehero. I think you you should pay attention to those doubts. It's really great that you've found a daddy, but it's also important that you make sure you're able to take care of yourself and are pursuing your interests and passions as an adult. ABDL includes adult in it for a good reason: just wearing diapers and being little all the time isn't enough for life to be fulfilling. On top of that, for you especially it's important to think about what you want to be doing. At age 20 and in college, you have the opportunity to learn many things and find subjects that you're interested in as well as gaining training for a successful career.

    So, keeping that in mind, the questions I'd ask of you are how well you know this person, how long you've been together, and how it would affect your studies? Moving 3 hours away from your school is something that would really worry me, as would moving to relying on him for continuing your education. I would strongly caution you against moving to be a "full time little" in your current life situation. That doesn't mean you can't get into wearing diapers more often or spend more time with your daddy, though. It's just that the amount you're being asked to commit is a lot and I think you're right to be worried about how it would affect your other responsibilities.

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    Thank you! For your advice, perhaps I have gotten a little too excited and carried away about having a daddy and being in diapers. I haven't responded to his offer yet. Maybe taking things a bit slow will help. Perhaps, when i am done with school or spend more time with him when I can help.

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    Hey LittleHero. My advise to you would be, talk to your daddy about this. He wants you to be a full time little bit at the same time you have adult responsibilities that you have to look at too. What I would suggest is be a full time little at home But if you know that some adult thing needs to be taken care of, go do it. And when it's done and out of the way, you can resume back to your littlespace

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    Thank you for your suggestion! I want to, but I live with my parents and my little side is kept a secret. The only safe place I am padded and in my little space is at daddys place. I share a room, so its hard to hide any diapers so I don't wear at home.

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    Slow down! Slow down! You're only 20 and have a whole life in front of you. Some might say a college education may be seen as an advantage and you would be wise to concentrate your mind on getting a good grade. I know right now you have so much going on and your daddy appears to be wanting to give you a perfect fantasy life.

    Ask yourself a few questions about this seemingly wondrous offer. What motivation does daddy have for laying out so much for you? Do you honestly think relying on one person for everything is sustainable in the long run? What happens when it is a family member's birthday, do you switch out of little mode to go see them? How would your friends and relatives feel when you drop off the planet? How serious is the love between you, do you care more about daddy or more about this fantasy situation?

    I am not saying all this to put a downer on your happiness, just trying to put things into perspective. Living as a full time little could be very lonely and your life could become very unfulfilled if you find yourself reliant on daddy for everything. I have known many littles over the years and many have discussed the fantasy of being full time. However, each and everyone soon come round to how much the reality would be very damaging to their happiness.

    Now go live your life and discover all the wonderful things you can achieve as an adult. You may find life after college can be very rewarding. Wait until you get your own space and do not have to share a room, your little life will explode and you will have control over it all! Work on a good work/fun balance with your daddy. Make time for your studies and look forwatd to adult life where you call the shots. There is no reason you and daddy will not have a wondeful and fulfilling relationship. Just keep perspective and control in mind.

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    Thanks! I really appreciate you putting things in perspective MotherFaith. Yes, I am going a little too fast. I will find a balance of work and fun with daddy. I will need to talk with him more about the situation.

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    Well, you do seem to see the problems here, littlehero. But I'd like to highlight a couple of things:

    You say you've met Daddy "a few times" and he lives three hours away. How well do you really know this man? How well can you really know him? After seeing him "a few times," the answer is "not all that well." There are myriad things about this man you do not know. It may not be likely, but you could be considering moving in with someone who will seriously hurt you. And, though your initial reaction to that thought may be that Daddy wouldn't do that, if you are honest with yourself you have to admit that you can't know for sure. Your family, on the other hand, who we might assume support and love you otherwise, know nothing of your little side; they see you as a "normal" college student. From their perspective, suddenly you will...what? Quit school and move in with a stranger 150 miles away? Disappear completely? Neither of these sounds like something a caring family would want for their 20-year-old college student son. I'm guessing lots of shit would hit the fan. You're twenty, so you have the right to do what you want, but that doesn't mean parents can't or won't raise a ruckus. If you decide to tell them, your Little status may become widely known. And if you disappear, well, police will become involved.

    And all have the opportunity to indulge a fantasy?

    That's what this is, remember: a fantasy. Living as a full-time Little is something out of a Diaper Dimension story. (Want to indulge your fantasy? Read one of those instead. It's a heck of a lot safer.) It's a cute dream, to be sure, but it comes with more downsides than you can even count. You cite "adult responsibilities," a fascinating phrase because it implies both the positive and the negative at once, but it is basic to life in this world. What do you imagine: this Daddy is going to keep you as his Little forever? He will never tire of it, even as you get older, even as he gets older? Play that one out in your mind: 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 years of sleeping in a crib, playing with toys, being diapered, etc. Being cared for sounds nice, but it is only real if you are brain-damaged. I have a fifty-something cousin in this condition, but she has the mind of a small child. (And she doesn't sleep in a crib.) Normal adults couldn't stand it. Nor would your Daddy ever be able to sustain it. Even if he's totally legit, it's a fantasy for him as much as it is for you, and fantasies never play out in reality as they do in your mind.

    Bottom line:

    You have agreed with everyone's suggestions to slow down. I hope you mean it. What you are considering is not only foolish, but potentially dangerous. It also has the potential to hurt your family, as well as you, greatly. Leave fantasies where they belong, littlehero.

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    Kerry. I have to say that is very sound advice. I am sure many of us here have had our dreams, but reality is for ever.

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    Littlehero when I was 27 I up and left my family to indulge in my fantasy of being a baby 24/7. I packed my bags and at 5am I slipped out of my home and took a bus to a different state to live as a baby with a daddy I never met before who I spent time talking to. He seamed nice at first then I needed to get a job to pay bills and then I needed to get a second job just to make sure our bills where paid. He was spending his money on computer parts and then he had problems with me meeting other abdls then he decided he wanted me to be a sissy baby. My family spent 3 months tracking me down to make sure I was safe. After about 9 months I had enough of the excess spending an moved out.

    My suggestion is to wait take it slow and pursue your studies.

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