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    If you're a little, or someone who takes care of littles, does "punishment" such as spanking, restraint, deprivation happen frequently, and is it always in response to deliberate naughtiness or disobedience? Do some littles really like being "good", and punishment is always humiliating if it happens? If you're a little, how often are you chastised for bad behaviour?

    Speaking for myself, my "little" time often starts with something which some would consider punishment or deprivation. This is not for any naughtiness, but to set the dynamic so I know who's in charge, and help me detach from the adult world.

    For example I might find myself over my babysitter's knee for a brief but painful spanking "to remind me to be good", with threats of worse if I play up; or if it's a sunny day, I might find myself locked in my nursery instead of playing outside; or I might have mitts locked on to stop me masturbating; or I might be blindfolded during my TV time "because too much TV gives you square eyes", so I have to make do with hearing my favourite cartoon. Although these might seem a bit "unfair", I find they help me to find my headspace.

    Sometimes I am punished for bad behaviour, but actually this doesn't happen very often. After the chastisement mentioned above, I'm then usually eager to please.

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    Hi Trouble, great post, right up my street! I am a carer for a couple of littles at present and see each of them fairly often. Everyone is unique and have their own idea about how their playtime takes shape. Some want to regress to being an actual baby while others want to be 'forced' to be a little. Some just enjoy diapers. Either way it is fun and allows self expression on so many levels.

    In regards to the punishment side of the play it will come down to a few points where I am concerned. Firstly, what the person wants to get out of it, how far do they wish to take things and what their experience level is. Some do not enjoy pain so spanking may not be appropriate much like the dreaded wooden spoon would not be pleasurable. If they have had experience of BDSM play and have been spanked then it is definitely something I would be keen to introduce to the session. Restraints can be fun and if used in the right way can really aid the regression process. I tend to find the sissies I have played with enjoy the impact play the most. Many want humiliating and being over the knee is a real classic.

    Time plays a huge factor in what you are able to achieve. If you only have an hour or two, tryig to fit in punishments and a bath time for instance may not be feasible. When this happens I tend to decide with the person what we will cram in and how. If there is plenty of time, if it was overnight perhaps, then I would be able to go through every fantasy and scenario. Bath time, bedtime and many cleverly devised punishments can occur. There will be downtime as well to discuss and evaluate the thoughts and feelings. This is actually my favourite part as you can really dig deep into the motivation and thought process of those who regress. Having this knowledge can make for much more intense and adaptable sessions going forward.

    The last aspect for me is where the person falls on the spectrum. Many people in this community wear many hats. Some are DL and AB. Others can be LG and DL. The possibility of someone identifying on several spaces on the spectrum is very common. I have played with DL's in the past and their is little roleplay on either side due to the paraphernalia being the centre point as opposed to the mummy role I would take when playing with AB's. What we get up to can depend on how we feel or are identifying as on the day. Being versatile and adaptive is paramount for me to not only provide pleasure but to enjoy myself as well.

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    Thank you for your great reply, Motherfaith. Tell me about the ways you use restraints with littles: do you mean reins, or tying littles up for activities at home? I'm asking because I'm looking for new ideas for my own "little" scenes. I've done lots of BDSM play, but the only "littles" play I've done has been with one person, so I'm curious about what other people do. I once went to an age play party but it was so noisy there wasn't much chance of discussion.

    When you say downtime for discussing feelings, do you mean when the littles are out of role, or do you ask "how are you feeling" while they're still being littles?

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    Quote Originally Posted by feetintrouble View Post
    ... set the dynamic so I know who's in charge, and help me detach from the adult world.
    This almost perfectly sums up the role 'punishment' has in my relationship. There's nothing like a brief bit of discipline to establish your roles... ^///^

    For me, I am frequently frisky or bratty, not in specific hope of punishment, but in hopes that Mommy will 'take charge' ... it just frequently involves some punishment! Sometimes though, she'll decide I need a punishment out of the blue, and I'll find myself face down on the bed or over her knee ... again I think it just is about establishing the dynamic. Spankings are our goto punishment, a short not too painful session (neither of us are hugely into the pain side of it, though I find the sting arousing), or just a few swats.

    I might be in a resisting bratty mood, in which case she'll continue in a creative punishment mode, like 'making me' suck my thumb or just putting me in diapers themselves 'as a punishment', usually on account of my friskyness indicating an infantile lack of control kind of thing... or other blusher accident causing punishments which all somehow lead to me ending up diapered... ^///^

    Far more often though, I am quick to concede that I am and will be Mommy's good boy, and I try to be as sweet as sugar no mater how squirmy or blushy the playtime games Mommy comes up with go from there. It's not just that the initial punishment has put in me firmly in a little role, but once I'm in it, the praise, and attention I get for... um ... 'good behavior' is far more intoxicating than the punishment side! Being pushed out of my comfort zone (real or imagined), but then coddled and praised and rewarded is the way I become most fully and completely little... ^///^

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