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    I am 100% urinary incontInent as my sphincters have been cut open (military injury). However lately my number 2 is also misbehaving. I was recently prescribed Calcium Polycarbophil. It cured my 4-5 times a day diarrhea and I feel great. I want to know if this supplement is safe for the long term. On the label it says only do it for 10 days, yet my doctor seems to think I should take it long term. Is it safe long term? Because it helps me tremendously.

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    If you're doctor says do it, I'd listen to him. I'd say update him if its effects change.

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    I agree - if your Doctor is following you and says to use it longer, I see no problem.

    Many drugs can be used longer than recommended but only if a doctor familiar with you and the product recommends it.

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    Here's an example of listen to your doctor , I have been using Senna S as a daily medication for about 15 years because the meds I was taking did constipate me , it's gotten worse over the years until my stroke of 2015 , at that time I was on 8 different laxatives and stool softeners, but I had a colon rectal doc who was uninspired by constipation and never made the connection with my use of opiates ,then my pain management doctor became aware of the amount of time effort and energy that I was dedicating to going and suggested I try a new drug and cut back on laxatives and stool softeners, that new drug unblocked the opioid receptor just in my bowel, so now I just take senna and lactulose and have a much easier life , if your doctor endorses everyday use of any medication you would be smart to do it ,all the drug use guidelines you read everywhere these days , are general suggestions for everyone , but your doctor is not caring for the masses they care about what's right for you .

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