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    I've been looking into getting a pacifier and trying to do as much research as possible. So if anyone could post a picture of their favorite and tell me why you like it,as well as tell me about one you hate or what i should stay away from or look for? pros and cons? looking for info on both

    p.s. how do i find the right size?

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    I have a nuk 6 that I like. I got mine from littleforbig. It is a silicone nipple, so it did have a ridge that I had to file down.

    As far as size goes, I would suggest purchasing a couple different varieties of cheap baby pacifiers in the biggest size you can find. Usually 18-36 months. I would try one that is straight, as in shaped like a bottle nipple, and one that is thumb shaped. If those are too small, then I would suggest looking online for an adult pacifier.

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    I made a reddit post months ago comparing the cheap nuk 6 style pacis everyone gets to the relatively expensive custom pacis from adultpacifier. My opinion has not changed, adultpacifier makes a far superior product.

    If you want more details/pics here is the post:

    Also, I wonder if we could get a dedicated thread or something, this is a popular and reoccurring subject.

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    Is the MAM style teat actually smaller? It looks like it also has a longer stem?

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    Quote Originally Posted by photogirl View Post
    Is the MAM style teat actually smaller? It looks like it also has a longer stem?
    The bulb part is slightly smaller. It's the same as the real NUK 5 teat, but I got the longer stem. They have one with a regular stem too.

    size options

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZombieHugs View Post
    The bulb part is slightly smaller. It's the same as the real NUK 5 teat, but I got the longer stem. They have one with a regular stem too.

    size options
    Okay. Because the NUK 6 that I have is 1) silicone, and had a pretty annoying ridge I had to file down, 2) not the right size. I'm not sure if it is the bulb size that is off or the stem length or both. However, when all I had access to was baby pacifiers, I tended to like the ones that were shaped like a bottle nipple better than the orthodontic ones that are more thumb shaped. The only problem with those was that there weren't quite big enough.

    Now I know these wouldn't be good for long term use, but I don't get a huge amount of satisfaction from pacifiers anyway. Do you know of anyone who makes larger sized bottle nipple shaped pacifiers?

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    Its hard to go wrong with the Nuk5 for an adult, it pretty much fits most people well I believe. If you want to go smaller though, or just cheaper, you can find a few 16+ month styles on Amazon that aren't bad, they are the largest size you can get that are made for a kid, . I 100% support buying silicon teats, as the latex tend to fall apart after a while. I'd only get latex if you really prefer it. If you want a really cheap Nuk5, the Aww so cute ones are actually pretty cute, but you will experience the problem with scratchy ridges, sometimes the stem isn't completely straight either, but it is a fun cheap pacifier. I don't have any background knowledge on any of the other pacifiers that you can find on amazon or of similar price ranges, but there are some pretty decent pacifiers out there for $20ish that are Nuk5. My last recommendation is pacifiersrus, they are good, but expensive. You pretty much buy from there when there is a pacifier guard that you just can't go without having, I have two simba pacifiers for instance, can't not have. I also got a Nuk7 because I was currious, and as cool as it kind of is, it is also a bit too long of a stem in my opinion. I get mildly annoyed with it after a while and switch over to one of my other paci's but I can still see some enjoyable aspects to having a longer pacifier guard, for one, it isn't anywhere near your teeth, its more like sucking on a lolly pop.

    And sorry, I would post pictures, but at the moment I am lazy. If you look in my posts probably a year back you can find some of my paci pictures there.

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    I have NUK 6's that I like as well. I ordered them from Big Tots at the link below. I also attached a picture of my favorite. I love the size, it's perfect for me. They're priced cheap enough so I can have a few on hand, as I like to keep them at various spots in the house so their never too far away. I think the one I posted in the link goes for $5.48. I also have NUK paci's for 36 months+, because I like the designs on them.

    That being said, I really don't know of any paci I don't like. I think you just have to try them on a trial and error basis, and find what is best for you. The above suggestions sound really good as well.

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    I got 2 from Littleforbig of different kinds. One is actually a Babypants one that I prefer. The silicone os more supple or feels to me. The other one is generic and clear silicone that is more rigid. I was sort of disappointed. Glad I had a mind to order another. I have a photo, but it will not upload from my phone

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