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    I've been getting an offer to help out a family member with a business start up. They need tech and have no idea what to get. They came to me, knowing it's my hobby and specialty. From what I've been told I get my run of what they should get. I haven't gotten a budget yet, but I'm taking the position. It'll help pad out my resume and In get some extra cash. I don't think this is going to be a full time job in the long run, but honestly I just like the idea of a change of routine.

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    Opportunities will present themselves in the strangest ways. This sounds like a good chance for you to not only help a family member out but also to gain some skills. It will be a great addition to the resume for sure and the extra cash is always welcome. You mentioned that it will most likely not lead to a full time position but have a little hope. If you do a splendid job you may become indispensable and needed for the long term.

    I wish you luck, hopefully everything will be a positive. I am aware you have not been in the best place recently and you definitely deserve some good news. Think on the positives and do your best to make the most of it. Even if it is not long term it could be a springboard to another opportunity. Maybe keep your ear to the ground and you will always have great and genuine referral should you need it.

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    You never know, they may need someone to keep an eye on tech stuff.

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    I've known people who have had two jobs and liked the idea that when one job got annoying, they'd redirect their attention to the other job. I've done this for most of my working life. Sometimes it helps keep you sane. Of course, I was also tired, but I like to stay busy.

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    Be sure to set up a simple written contract where your pay is specified. I was working two jobs too. One being an employee the other freelancing. Great so far but difficult sometimes because you are one companies slave nontheless and this can interfere badly with your side hustle.

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    I think it sounds like a positive step. It's something you enjoy doing and it gives you a little extra cash. For you, personally, it's a positive way to build up your self confidence in a positive way by using your knowledge and expertise in ways that can be appreciated by others. I think it will give you something positive to look forward to, not to mentionnthe fact that your assistance is really helping out another person. And the other benefit is that it's something you can add to your resume. Great stuff.

    My only comcern is that you're not taking on too much work if you're doing this on top of your other job. As long as you feel you have enough time in your life, then go for it. Just don't take on more than you can handle.

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    My boss has already returned, so I'm back to my more stable level of work

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