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    I'm a recent uni/college grad who's still very new to the world of diapers and taking some tentative steps to realise this part of myself. I'm very laid back and friendly usually, but this part of my life is still very secret and at times frightening to me - I've spent the better part of my life lurking online and wishing I was padded up in real life!

    I'm definitely into the idea of wearing diapers, however, I still never have. Living with three other people has made this very difficult for me. For me, diapers are actually a secondary interest that spawned as I got older. I like being humiliated and diapers became more and more of a fulfilment of that desire. Seeing a grown man forced to dress like a baby is so enjoyable for me and the idea of it happening - or better, being done to me - is thrilling.

    In my spare time, I like to draw. I do a lot of pencils and occasional acrylics. I'm big into comic art as well as comic books and graphic novels themselves, I've been invested in Marvel Comics stories since childhood. I'm primarily a performer, though; I'm an actor and former dancer, with interests in circus and physical comedy. I also write and direct. Having a professional life that is often very public makes it all the more important to me that I have a forum where my privacy is respected and protected and where I can feel safe expressing myself.

    I guess I'm here to meet others like myself and to feel less alone. I'm slowly becoming comfortable stretching out into and experiencing this world I've become so fascinated with. I want to read other people's experiences and stories, so that I may start wearing and experience for myself what it would be like to be an adult man in a thick padded nappy.

    I look forward to meeting some like-minded fellas!


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    Welcome to ADISC!

    Have you done anything professional or semi-professional in your physical comedy?

    I suspect that my love of physical comedy started while I first watched The Three Stooges but I really like and physical comedy whether it is just a small part of a production or the entire thing.

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