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Thread: Question(s) regarding DC Amor Original

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    Default Question(s) regarding DC Amor Original

    So while looking at DC Amor online (since I prefer girly diapers) I noticed there are two different designs.

    Newer (from what I can tell) :$_1.JPG

    "Original" (from what I can tell) :

    My question(s) are as follows.
    1. Why is it an anime-esque girl/who is it?
    2. Are Originals still purchasable?

    I prefer the original design over the newer bunny design.

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    The original DC Amore are usually referred to as the "Anime" series. There are still a few in stock in various places, but they can be a bit tricky to find. First place I'd check is DiaperConneseur. I have no idea what the origin of the image was, if I had to guess I'd say it was a ripoff of something they randomly found online. (it doesn't look commissioned for them since it's OT) The diaper is physically identical to the "revision 2" (usually referred to as "Kitten") other than the artwork on the front. Most people prefer the kitten over the anime. I just checked and they don't have any left. Might have to get them on ebay.

    FWIW, the diaper appears to be physically identical to Bambino's Bianco/Classico/Teddy.

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