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Thread: Regressing into little boy?

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    Default Regressing into little boy?

    I don't know if this is a good place for this, but it does say gender identity and stuff here so -

    Biologically, I'm female. But I've always been super Tom boy ish. Alot of the time , I wish i was a boy. I don't really feel like one I just want to be one. Life would be easier I think. Right now, I don't really like the idea of coming out as trans, I'm totally fine and comfortable being addressed and seen as female (although I do want to sometimes bind my chest) ((this could change in the future I have no idea , but for now that is that))

    But when I get into my little space , I feel so much like a little boy. I want all things baby blue, and dinosaurs and astronauts. Is there a term for this ? I know being a sissy is a thing, and probably more common but if you have absolutely any input or advice let me know!

    Ps do sissy's feel the same? Are there levels to it?

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    Me being a pseudo-sissy have always preferred being a female. It doesn't bother me that I'm a guy and I will never change genders but it would be more interesting if I was a woman. It is kind of weird. I guess I could sum it up by saying I'm fine with being male but I'd also be okay being female.

    To answer your question, it is truly up to you if you are a male or female. You don't even have to choose. Some days I feel girly and some days I feel more boyish as you feel.

    Hope I didn't offend you. Would stink to harm more than help.

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    I'm biologically female but have never been particularly feminine. I hate that society expects me to shave my legs and wear a bra. While I, like you, feel no great need to be seen as a male/transition, there definitely are aspects of being the opposite sex that are appealing.

    While it can fluctuate, my baby side also leans towards feeling more like a boy. I like boys' Pull-Ups and my favorite ''toddler'' clothes are cartoon character shirts from the men's section and overalls.

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    I don't know if there's a term for that, but everyone can put their heads together and make the right term for it.

    As far as the term sissy, I find it more of a submissive, humiliation term than a name for something. It doesn't seem to be something to define a certain person specifically. I believe that trim can be created as well.

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    I feel the best term would be gender-fluid.
    For those that feel either way being male sometimes or being female sometimes.

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