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    So I just made my first order directly from ABU. Feeling a little apprehensive about receiving it since I work at the cargo office where it will be delivered. Hopefully the description will be vague.

    Since I first joined this site I've been on and off in a bit of a cycle. Initially I thought it was a bad thing and that I needed to somehow balance things out and be either into this or not into this. Now I realize that, like most other things I'm into, my interest sort of drifts between things.

    I've also noticed myself becoming more comfortable with the AB side of things. Perhaps not to the point of acting it out as some people do, but I do like to shut off and just enjoy the moment.

    Back to the topic of ABU, I noticed they have a few t-shirts for sale. I really like them, but I don't think I would even be comfortable enough to wear their "Changing the World" design for fear of my friends / colleagues internet searching ABU. Maybe I'll get their winter design one to wear on my own.

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    Hey Blue Sky! ABU makes a great product. I would suggest tracking the shipment until it is delivered. I would be concerned that someone may not know what it is and search the shipping company, which would pull up ABU. As far as interest in the site and AB in general, my interest also fades in and out depending on what I have going on or how I'm feeling. I like the ABU shirts too, but I'm always more comfortable wearing those types of things in private.

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