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Thread: Non-speciality little pajamas

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    Does anyone here know of any store or site that sells pajamas that look btter than just a plain shirt and plaid/checkered pants? One such i have come across is Marks&Spencer, but they are a little slow on their stock.|checkbox-443

    That link will show all the pajamas in the Boy's 16 size, which fits up to 6 feet and i think 160 pounds. They fit me good. Anyone know of anything else?

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    Hi Zenka. I went to Amazon and typed in "boys pajamas that fit adults" and a few things came up but nothing as cute as what you found. Can you order online from the site you referenced?

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    I am very fond of Hanna Andersson pajamas. All cotton, very comfy. They have many designs for children, only some of which they replicate for adults. Their stock changes; before Christmas they have a larger variety of adult styles, including "family" sets of pajamas and other clothes. I have many of their striped pjs, two different styles of Star Wars pjs, and assorted other clothes I love. Take a look.

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