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    Default Hello from T'up north

    Hi peeps

    I am a 25 year old from gods county (yorkshire) i work in a national breakdown call centre, so if you have broken down between Derbyshire, Durham, Liverpool and Hull you might have already spoken to me on the phone.
    hobbies are the usual bloky stuff, Football Rugby and Motorsport, and i also enjoy girlie things due to most nights and weekends with full support of my Girlfriend family and friends i throw off the shirt N tie and slip in too a skirt N heels, luckily god gave me a face that very muchly passes as a girl and a boy so i enjoy the best of both worlds.
    I am anti phobia i will eat, drink laugh, cry, hug and dance with anyone no matter what the colour of skin, which god they follow or even which football team they support other than Man Utd their needs to be a line. my moto is live everyday as its your last and one day you will be right. My big question is when we die we quote the phrase Rest in Peace, why the hell cant we live in peace first.
    Moo messeged when i joined not to over use the "nappy" word in your welcome hence i on mentioned it only once, its a long and amusing story how i came to wear nappies and i will explain if anyone wants to hear it.
    I'm only hear to speak, laugh and learn with like minded folk and hopefully learn about whats happening to my body is normal while i am on the "N word" journey.

    Thanks moo for the welcome and i hope i covered everything there. and in the words of Ringo star "Peace and love peace and love "

    Cheers Peeps X

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    'ow do Stebee666,
    Welcome to the group. It's nice to have another tyke in the group.
    Originally I'm from Bradford in what was the west riding (and yes I did work in t'mill), although I haven't lived there since I was about 15 (long story).
    I'd love to hear how you got into nappies but that is best kept for one of the forums rather than introductions. Speaking of introductions yours was excellent and covered just about everything I would usually ask a new member. However you say you are 25 and your profile says 55, which one is the typo

    So where now? I would suggest you look through the forums and find a few you like and then dive in and take part. ADISC is a social group and you'll find the more you put in the more you'll get out.

    Again welcome to the group, have fun.

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    Hi 55 is the typo, was typing in bad light and hit 6 instead of 9. I was going to ask admin how to change it lol

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    Hi and welcome. It's a pleasure to welcome someone from that civilised place called Yorkshire! Thanks for sharing about your interests. You're very lucky to have a supportive girlfriend. I hope you don't mind the question but does your DL interest come in handing during the course of your call centre work? I wouldn't be surprised if there have been occasions when you've been bursting for a wee but dealing with a caller has had to take priority.

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    Thanks for the welcome, i have worn a nappy for work and yes it has come in very handy, i only wore my first nappy at this years New year party and i got addicted, longest i managed was 3 week and i loved it, i would to to be a 24/7 wearer now.

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