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Thread: How many different kinds of nappy do you wear regularly?

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    Default How many different kinds of nappy do you wear regularly?

    A question for the regular / full time wearers really. I was just making up an order list of nappies and pondering on the large number of different items that I like to keep in stock. I wondered how many different kinds of nappy others use as part of a routine, as opposed to enjoying the variety simply for the fun of it.

    My stash varies a little but usually contains some of each of the following:

    General daytime all-plastic, e.g. Molicare or Abena M4; suitable for wearing in any situation under any kind of clothing.
    Hybrid (plastic with breathable wings) e.g. Kolibri comslip, Tena Slip active; cooler, trimmer alternatives for hot summer days or where too much bulk would be obvious.
    High performance e.g. Dry 24/7, ABU Simple; for night, long journeys, any time I can get away with the extra bulk without it being too visible.
    Boosters; e.g. Lille Classic in two sizes, gDiapers flushable pads; for use in various combinations to achieve different discretion / wear time tradeoffs.
    Under test; often one new nappy that is not part of my regular armoury, under evaluation.

    It would be nice if one could just have one kind of nappy that fulfilled all needs anywhere, any time. That makes the most sense on a philosophical level - nappies avoid having to think about going to the toilet or regulate toileting functions - you just do what you need when you need - so it's nice to just put on a nappy and know it will take care of everything. But in practice there's no such thing as a perfect nappy and the compromises to be made have to suit the situation. So to get the most out of it, one has to contemplate in advance what you are going to do in it, and for me that translates into three main tiers of nappy performance to have on hand, plus all the permutations of boosters etc. What's your approach to this?
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    Mainly focus on the ABU Vintage range now SDK/Cushies/Lavender/Kiddo but also will keep plenty of ABU Premiums Space/Simple.

    At some point I would like to get Fabines back in my regular wearing.

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    Default variety is nice

    Quote Originally Posted by Paxe View Post

    It would be nice if one could just have one kind of nappy that fulfilled all needs anywhere, any time.
    I use them all. Boosters from small to X-Large with a Molicare strechy pant. Prevail belted shields with a small booster. AR pullups. AB diapers (Bambino & Tykables). Training pants with a booster to keep the TPant drier with Plastic Pants. I like IC products in general, I like variety, and I don't just need a tradional 'diaper' to feel like an AB especially, but I'm sure lots of people wish they could wear them all of the time and nothing else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kidcalamity View Post
    variety is nice.
    That. I have a cabinet downstairs that I try to keep stocked with a selection of daytime, overnight, and "lounge around the house" diapers, but I don't have enough space to keep very many of each type I have on hand, so I cycle around what I have to wear.

    I try to "work through" diapers that I'm not interested in reordering though, to lower my variety on-hand, so I try to keep a good 1/3+ of the cab full of diapers that are 'on their way out' of my stash, to encourage their use. Those are diapers that I'm not concerned about "wasting" by only wearing a few hours etc.

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    I typically wear ConfiDry 24/7's, iD Slip PE's, and occasionally Abena M4's.

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    Find just one or two that you know always works, and stick with that.

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    just two right now. Molicare at night, the all blue plastic backed style. and Betterdry during the day. Used to include northshore supreme for going out during the day. may come back to that, or switch to Northshore light. haven't decided.

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    I keep a supply of three diapers (McKesson Ultra, Tranquility ATN, Dry 24/7) and two pad/boosters (Assurance Guards, Northshore small boosters) which in various combinations work well to control my level of incontinence. The trick is to try to estimate what your needs for the day may be and pad up appropriately. In addition whenever possible it's a good idea to keep a change of diapers and pants handy just in case of a bad leak or change of plans.

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    Regularly, I wear Bambino Magnifico, ABU Little Paws, ABU Preschool cloth, and Super Dry Kids (when I have them). When I am with friends who wear; I will always as the old cliché says to "When in Rome; do as the Romans do" and that is wear whatever they will provide me to wear.

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