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    As some of you may know i love science, but i was watching something amazing from vsauce the video topic was the hottest thing ever

    there is no absolute hot so it can go on forever, the hotter the heat gets the smaller the radiation gets.


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    You could argue that the Plank Temperature is a sort of absolute hot since there's no distance smaller than the plank length, and if the radiation gets so small that it exceeds the plank length, it essentially turns into a kugelblitz. But yeah, that video from Vsauce is really good. I particularly like his videos on "Why we're morbidly curious", "Did the past really happen?", and my personal favorite video of his, "Our Narrow Slice".

    If you're a fan of Vsauce, then I'd also recommend CGP Grey and Real Life Lore. Two more educational Youtube channels who make content I really like.

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    I really envy your opinion and as vsauce explained it is possible, but not yet not too get hotter. I mainly watch Vsauce cause he explains it well and shows his sources.

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    Vsauce is a great channel for getting up to speed on scientific issues. Just remember that science channels are not always 100% accurate, and they tend to mix philosophical issues in there without realizing it. I've seen some videos on absolute hot, and I agree that at this point, we don't know the exact limit of how hot something can get, if there is one in the first place. If the Planck length is the shortest distance, then that appears to be a limit. The kugelblitz, if it can actually happen, would pose another limit on heat.

    As a fan of second-order mathematics and set theory, I love the Vsauce video on the Banach-Tarski paradox.

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    Interesting, how much do you study mathematics? Also in my experience you can only trust educational channels that have there sources.

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    I have studied mathematics as a side discipline because of its relation to logic. Bill Shillito has a YouTube channel that serves as a great introduction to high-level mathematics. Logic and math, and especially metalogic and metamathematics are very relevant to my research into the Ontological Argument for the existence of God when I did a term at the University of Oxford. I was looking for a way of applying consistency and completeness theorems in logic to prove the coherence of perfect being theology. It also helps when reading logic-heavy papers in philosophy, such as anything written by Alexander Pruss.

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