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Thread: Hi there lovelies!

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    Red face Hi there lovelies!


    I'm Ami, and I'm pretty new to a lot of things XD ;^_^ I guess I've been a little for a long time now, but I never really understood what it meant or knew what it was called until fairly recently. Having done my research (I do that a lot... Grad Student, so old habits die hard XD) I've been learning more and more each day about the community, and about myself!

    My little activities include coloring, snuggling with stuffies, watching cartoons and Disney movies, and playing pretend with my dollies. I'm starting to branch out more into using baby things; I just ordered my first paci, and my first pack of diapers! I was so nervous, but I finally just got my courage together and did it!

    As for general interests and more grown-up life, I work at the library of the school I attend. I love to read, write, sing, sew, cook, bake, watch YouTube and play video games! I live with my wonderful husband and our dog and cat. I'm really lucky to have a spouse that is so very accepting of me, especially when I'm still learning and trying to accept so much about myself!

    Anywho, enough rambling from me. I look forward to talking with you all! ^_^

    Hugs and love,

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    Hi Ami,
    welcome to the group. That's a really good introduction.

    Have a look through the forums and find some you like and start taking part, you will find there is a lot of knowledge and support available from the other members. So feel free to ask questions as well.
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    Hi Ami,

    welcome to this awesome place !

    what a wonderful intro have you written !

    when getting diapered, don't forget lotion and wipes, for preventing a rash !

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    Welcome Ami, congratulations on finding the courage to go on this journey. You will find lots of support and information on these forums. This is a great introduction and I look forward to getting to know you.

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