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Thread: Switching from plastic-backed to cloth-backed for summer?

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    Question Switching from plastic-backed to cloth-backed for summer?

    My go-to diaper since I started having to wear them full time this past November has been plastic-backed Attends, which work really well for me. I rarely have leaks, and I use Tena Overnight pads as stuffers every night and sometimes during the day, especially if I'm at home. But lately I've started to develop diaper rash for the first time ever, likely due to how hot it's gotten over the past month. I bought a pack of CVS/Walgreens generic diapers yesterday, since I used to wear them for bedwetting before I started having to wear full time and switched to the Attends. They definitely seem to be more comfortable in the heat, and I like how much quieter they are than the Attends. I also haven't had any problems with leaks yet, even without using a Tena Overnight stuffer. But I've noticed a faint scent of baby powder (I use lots of powder) sometimes when I sit down (which I never noticed with the plastic-backed Attends) and I'm wondering how noticeable it might be to people around me. I'd like to start wearing the cloth-backed generics during the day until I can order some better ones (probably Tena Classic) but should I be nervous wearing them to work on Monday? I tried wearing them with plastic pants when I took a walk just now, and it was more uncomfortable than if I'd just worn the Attends. I drink alot of water and change every few hours (unless I'm wearing a stuffer, which can last an afternoon if necessary) so I'm not worried about urine odor as much as I'm worried about containing the scent of powder and diaper cream. Is there a disposable that would work better than the generics at containing the smell, or are all cloth-backed diapers pretty much the same when it comes to this?

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    :I've found molicare slips work for me for containing the odor. But fair warning, if you're near the top of the size range, SIZE UP. I am a 44 inch waist. I bought the mediums (up to a 47 inch waist) and I now have a diaper wedgie when I wear them they fit fine for laying down and sleeping, but as soon as I try to move I get a wedgie. Oh well!

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    Quote Originally Posted by pgfdp View Post
    :I've found molicare slips work for me for containing the odor.
    Are the Molicare Slip thinner than Abena M3? I really like the "premium" diapers, but almost always they're thicker than I'd like for daily wear. Maybe I can order a sample. I'm pretty active (outdoor day trips, going out for happy hour) so freedom of movement is still a priority. Thanks!

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    I am not sure as I've never tried Abena (pretty new to being IC myself.) they are about the same thickness, maybe a TINY bit thicker than the CVS brand generic you have been using while dry, but swell quite a bit when wet.

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    Cardinal health makes some good cloth like ones with surprisingly good odor control.

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    Why worry about powder smell, lots and lots of people powder themselves during hot weather to help with chafing from regular pants.

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    Skip trying to use cheaper diapers. They will only lead to more rash problems. Instead, try actually taking care of your rash more.

    Remember the steps: fully clean, thuroughly dry out, fully absorb cream I to the rash, and lastly apply ointment for a barrier protection. Repeat this twice a day, and also use additional ointment throughout the day too.

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    The powder smell is in more than just baby powder. Even men use powder after shaving so baby powder isn't actually just for babies.

    That powder scent can be found in deodorant, body spray, and other things.

    I know incontinence can be embarrassing, don't let it control your life. If you choose to do something that benefits you, don't worry about what others think. People don't pay attention to you and have better things to worry about than the smell of powder. JUST DO YOU.

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    I'd suggest you check out the Seni Quatro Brief. I've been using them for months, and honestly they have become my primary diaper, even more that the Dry 24/7 I also use. They are comfortable, rarely have any kind of leak/seepage problems, and hold a ton​ of urine. I'm IC and I usually only need maybe three or four of them a day.

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