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Thread: Best website for meeting others into this

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    Question Best website for meeting others into this

    There might be other threads about this but, i want to meet others into diapers and or pants wetting and this is clearly not the place, not a fan of abdl match because they charge and not a fan of fetlife, does anyone have any other recommendations?

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    I get all my meets from fet so do not have anything to recommend but I do remember some other site called diaper mates or something. May I ask why you are not a fan of fet?

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    Default It's a site for gay diaper guys, but there are some straight ones on there too.

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    Interested in meet up sites that are free too.

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    May i ask why you don't like fetlife? I was thinking about making an account there...

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    I just don't like when you sign up that you have to use your cell phone number to activate the account, not keen on that

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    I would check out or . Hopefully you can find yourself a good match. I'm still looking myself too. I am going to be moving away from my mom's place in two weeks so I'll be free to be as little as I want to be! (providing I have the time to do so working 12 hour shifts)

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    I've meet all my little friends on fet by signing up for groups in my area and going to munches. Fet has really helped me because I can scan through peoples profiles and see if there nuts or not, also helps to find out if they have the same interests as me. I have met and hung out with and became close with 8 people thanks to fet.

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    I've had luck on kwink found someone I considered a friend. Not many are active in the abdl group. If your interested in a pro mommy there are several who list on there. As with all sites watch out for scammers.

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