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Thread: What should I do with these junk Goodnites?

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    Default What should I do with these junk Goodnites?

    Unlike my username, I no longer fit in goodnites. This leaves me with 18 XL Boy Goodnites that I have no use for. They don't hold much, the material irritates my skin (so I wont use them for stuffers). They are too young to be considered vintage, but I doubt anybody would buy them because they are pre double leak guard.

    I'll probably toss them to free some room in my drawer, but does anybody have any interesting ideas?

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    Give them away to another ABDL that can fit them? Can you donate open diaper bags to some sort of charitable cause? We have food banks in the UK that also supply toiletries to those in need.

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    I don't think any charities would take 18 loose goodnites. I suppose I could give them away to another abdl.

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    Salvation Army might take them - I've seen loose/open bags of diapers there before. Some of the consignment stores in my area will sell partial packs of diapers, too - bonus with a consignment store is that you'd get a bit of money if they sell.

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    I've also seen open bags of diapers (adult and child) in the goodwill / salvation army type stores. I've never seen any on consignment. With how fast kids grow it's easy to get stuck with diapers (or clothes, or shoes...) that don't fit the weed, so it's not surprising to see them from time to time. Though I'd imagine a lot of them just get thrown away. Adult diapers are more likely from older folks that either passed away or got home from the hospital and recovered enough to not need them while still having some on hand. Then those just sit around the house till its time to go to the nursing home or they die etc and the family is emptying the house of all the things the relatives don't want. This obviously includes diapers in most cases. As I mentioned before in another thread concerning diaper costs and people on limited income, there's definitely a market for open bags of adult diapers in a thrift store, so sure they'll take them, they'll sell.

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    Godwill if you fell guilty about tossing them, or just toss them.

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    Donate them there is some one out there in need that can use them, when ever we donate any diapers that I have bought a bag to test and found they dont fit or work for me they are always happy to recieve clean unused diapers.

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    Mail them to someone you don't like with a letter stating it's for their face.

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    I took them over to the local goodwill and they wouldn't take them (they were not open bag, just loose, which is why). I did, however, take them to a locally owned resell store and gave them away for free.

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