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Thread: First fecal accident in a long time :(

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    Default First fecal accident in a long time :(

    I recently became urinary incontinent. My dad thinks it may be due to diabetes (I'm going for the first of my evaluations tomorrow) but tonight I had my first fecal accident in a long time I do have IBS and (sorry men) time of the month right now so not a good time for my stomach but I still feel discouraged. I just want to be "better" if that makes any sense?

    Sorry this was mainly a rant. I needed a hug and while I could tell my real life friends, none of them really understand. Thanks for listening you guys

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    I am IC and a T I so I feel your pain ,when I became diabetic ,some friends wanted ice cream so we went and got some , I loved ice cream but had none , they joked I was "sick" later that night I ended up in the E.D with my blood sugar over 2000 (that was as high as the lab could go) spent the last 20 years using myself as a pin cushion ,if you are diabetic just remember none of us are perfect and you have to treat yourself once in awhile or you go insane .let us know how you make out ?

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    These things happen and the real causes are often not as bad as we fear. The hugs are the important things as is managing the "symptoms" as well as possible so you are not constantly worrying about protection failing etc . If your protection does fail, try something else - there are no brownie points for being a loyal customer if the product does not suit your needs.

    Don't think I am a messenger of doom - but if the worst comes to the worst there are lots of people here who manage both kinds of incontinence well and lead very full lives without ever really being confident that the causes are known. The only thing that worries me about your post is the mention of Diabetes - do get checked for that as in reality it is a more serious problem than pee/poo issues - although they may seem much more important at the moment

    I'd send a virtual hug - but you may not want one from an old guy in a diaper!

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