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Thread: "AMD Slip" : are they worth it?

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    Default "AMD Slip" : are they worth it?

    Hi everyone (and first of all sorry for my bad english)!

    I recently discovered the AMD brand, which offers its diapers "AMD Slip" at really competitive prices : does anybody know them? I'm tempted to buy a package of them, but first of all I want to be sure that it's a good product

    Thanks a lot in advance for your advices, it's not easy to find any "complete" opinion about this diaper!

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    That would depend on your needs, and planned use.

    -will you be using them 24/7 (actually incontinent)?
    -do you stay well hydrated (64+ oz of water per day)
    -do you pee only, or poop in them too.
    -do you flood when you pee, or is it a constant dribble?
    -how often are you able to change, and can you change right away when needed?

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    I'm actually incontinent (due to a severe overactive bladder), with strong and uncontrollable urges ; so I only pee in my diapers..but I do indeed flood more than dribble.
    So for that purpose, how would you say that they compare vs., for example, a Tena Slip or a Molicare? In terms of comfort, absorbency, discretion etc.
    Thanks in advance

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    I really really like the amd slips, they are great value per diaper coming in packs of 20, they hold quite a lot (the amd slip maxi size holds about 3500mls from memory, they also take flooding or two very well.
    They are (the ones available for sale in australia) breathable cloth type backing and 4 velcro type fasteners.
    They are my only gripe about them, the velcros work loose i find when worn for long periods and they dont successfully refasten.
    (That velcro strip stuff you can buy in craft stores to sew onto things solves those problems!
    Just use a piece a few inches longer than the tape and its velcro-y-magic-ness sticks right onto the diaper, and over the tape and across the other side holding them perfectly in place.
    Best bit is the velcro pieces can be used again and again)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soph13 View Post
    Nobody knows this brand..? ^^
    I do and i love them ! we have them here in Australia, they are mainly sold by medical supply places so not being in lots of stores they arent well known by many compared to say tenas or depends that are seen more commonly.

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