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    This is a question that I've been debating myself over for a week. After buying an assorted sample pack from ABU (Lavender, Preschool Cloth and Plastic, Simple,) I fell in love with the quality of the products.

    The thing is, you only get 10 in a package. For the quality it's a good price, but just nothing something I can afford. I have time to wear for around 6 hours each day, and I usually wear every day whenever I have. This is where my question comes in.

    My go to cheap "filler" diaper would be the Tranqulity ATN. 12 for $15, decent quality, no complaints. Should I spend the $39 on a case of something scented from ABU, or should I get 36 for $45?

    Another question is what else should I get besides the obvious? I still feel kind of ashamed of my DL side, so I usually just buy the diapers. I'm attempting to try new things. Any advice? Oil and powders? Clothing?

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    if you wear everyday, skincare is a must, wipes and lotions. if you want to be stealth and prevent showing your diaper ( riding up your shirt and showing a diaper above waistband)
    consider a onesie.

    to prevent leakage use pvc pants

    hope this helps

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    Always use what you actually need, never go with a cheaper diaper simply because it's cheap. Quality should always come first.

    That said, you may need to look at other diaper brands. Find one that works still well for you, but doesn't cost too much more than it needs to. I would recommend you try confidry and northshore supreme, they are both well know as premium diapers for a reason, and they won't break your bank either.

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