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    When you guys buy 10 packs, are they placed by your door or in your mailbox? I saw on ABU Cares they ship UPS, but get handed off to USPS for final delivery. Is that true for you guys?

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    Pretty sure they don't fit in your mailbox, unless your mailbox is yuuuuge.

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    Depends where you live, now that they have two warehouses they will use USPS if you live close enough to one of their warehouses. I live in Indiana and used the free shipping option, my package was shipped through USPS and was never handled by UPS. With USPS they should just leave the package on your door as its not super big but big enough I can't imagine it would fit in your mailbox.

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    Both FedEx and UPS have certain shipping options (I believe these options are only available to large shippers) where UPS or FedEx will pick-up the package from the shipper and move it to the closest USPS processing facility to the buyer's home. Then they transfer the package to USPS for the final delivery. This saves some money on the postage.

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    Why I asked is because I have the big parcel boxes at my apartment. I'm in California so I was wondering if there probably just gonna put my 10 pack in there when I buy it.

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    They might be left by the mail box, more likely by your door, but in one case for me, by a neighbors garage.

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