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    Well, in a moment of covetedness I purchased Euro Tena Slip Maxi from a site on ebay. Shipped from Germany. Never had these and I must say they are the most comfortable diaper I have ever peed in. The hold a lot, not as good as M4 by any means but enough to qualify for long daytime use (weighed in at 25 oz.). Paid about $1.50 each. Shipping was twice the cost of the product.

    USA Tena - please learn from your cousins how to make a proper diaper!

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    Adult diaper manufacturers don't care about that. They all cater to what the majority or each country wants. In the US, the baby boomers (who they are catering to), still mostly want something thin and " discrete". Hence the reason we still have inferior products available on most shelves while their counterparts in other countries are much better (depends brand for example)

    But if you want something better than even abena, both confidry and northshore supreme are made in the US. Give them a try.

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    well now you can buy them from abu since abu added them to the lineup

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