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Thread: normal?

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    Default normal?

    I finally got my follow up and appointment with my urologist and doctor as they need to know what is going on.

    I put a call in to my regular physician, she wants to do an exam before sending me back to the urologist.

    As I told her what was going on, she is now (and was before) very concerned. I don't really even know that I'm urinating at this point. One minute my protective Device is dry (I don't specify which I use because there are several) in this case my diaper, and the next it's warm and wet. And I don't have the urge to go, there is no pressure (if you will). It just starts coming and stopping the flow is very hard or doesn't happen. So changes have been more frequent, and I have had to pack more diapers and such.

    But the total loss of sensation and the not knowing I have to pee, there is nothing normal about this right?

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    You're right. The lack of feeling the need to go and the sensation of going is not normal. You definitely get a throrough medical work-up to find out what's going on.

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    Right, that's not normal. Definitely follow up with getting that checked out, but take comfort knowing it could be so much worse.

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    A bit more at ease now. Yes I'm getting it checked out soon.

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    Not normal - well not for most. If the dr finds something else, like a over active bladder that just decides what it will do when it wants is found - that might be your normal. Do not feel like a difference is not normal for you. I do not disagree with the above, get checked out. However, if you find a new form of normal do not feel like you are alone.

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    My notice of when I have to pee happens a couple seconds before release. I feel the pee flowing out of me. It's been that way for decades

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    Quote Originally Posted by CPDude View Post
    My notice of when I have to pee happens a couple seconds before release. I feel the pee flowing out of me. It's been that way for decades
    I think feels like that but I don't really notice that the flow is happening, I don't feel anything at best a really really dull sensation to the point I only really notice that I've gone when I stand up or sit down, moreover the warmth is also a dead giveaway.

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    It actually kind of indicates some type of nerve damage or poor circulation, both bad things.

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    For me this is a way of life now. I have diabetic related nerve damage and hardly ever feel the need to pee until it is too late . I wet the bed every night and have to wear nappies all the time.

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