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Thread: I have another Job Interview

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    Default I have another Job Interview

    So I have another job interview tomorrow, well it's interviewing for two possible jobs, both are 2IC's of their respective departments. I don't have management experience so to speak, but I do have 5 years in a Supervisory capacity. Tomorrows going to be a busy day, as we are also starting to shift houses this weekend.

    But wish me luck, it should be a good experience regardless of whether I get the job or not.

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    It sounds like a really hectic week. Good luck with the interview. I like your perspective on looking upon it as good experience. It will pay off regardless of the outcome.

    Hope the move goes well and gives you some more space for your diapers in your new home!

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    Good luck and I hope you get what you want. I haven't had to interview for a job since 2002. Just remember that you're interviewing them as much as they are interviewing you.

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    Thanks for the support. I felt I interviewed well. They appreciated my honesty in regards to my past and liked the experience I had.

    I find out on Monday whether or not I get the job, they might want me to do a trial shift. So it could be a new house new chair, new hockey jersey and new job. Here's hoping.

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    I did a trial day when I was being interviewed and out of 96 people the owner of the company chose me so I hope you get the job and on a side note you are a good writter

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    "2IC's" tells me some of the treaded ground. 🤝

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    Was supposed to hear back today, but haven't... Hopefully it means I'm still in the running.

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