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Thread: Vintage diapers on Ebay.

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    Default Vintage diapers on Ebay.

    Title is fairly self-explanatory. Does anybody know about this?

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    Sure. There are some people who collect diapers, and after a while they turn around and sell them. Always at a highly marked up price though. A very popular place for them to sell those diapers is on ebay.

    Does that explain what you were wondering about?

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    I know they can be pricey but there are some lovely vintage diapers out there.

    I appreciate first hand it can be expensive for some of the retailers to collect everything and then make a margin on reselling them so it's not always massive profits.

    This reminds me i have some Snuggies to sell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kieran View Post
    Title is fairly self-explanatory. Does anybody know about this?
    Everybody who buys diapers on there knows about this.

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    I look at them fairly often, but most of the vintage diapers I like a very expensive

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    Hmmm, I have almost two full bags of Benetton Red diapers (largest model) Perhaps I should sell some

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    I shop eBay for vintage diapers quite regularly, but mostly I'm looking for cloth diapers (the pin-on sort), and those don't command the insane prices that the disposables do.

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    I like the old pampers luvs and Huggies from the 1970's and 80's

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    I'm thinking of buying on eBay. I've seen early Pampers from the 60s on there before.
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