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Thread: Adult Changing Tables in Public Restrooms

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    Has anyone seen adult changing tables in public restrooms in the U.S.?

    The Orlando airport added a changing table for disabled adult passengers earlier this year and I am curious if you've seen this anywhere else. Hopefully this becomes more common, but the table I saw didn't seem very functional. The counter height seemed way too high to get someone up and down from. The height wasn't adjustable and seemed unusable for many people who needed them. Has anyone seen adjustable adult changing tables in companion restrooms? Or something similar to what you may see in a hospital or assisted living facility?

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    Haven't seen anything like that here in California, but maybe I've not been in the right bathroom.
    I typically just change my diaper in a stall but if it's available I'd like to use the family or companion bathroom, I know they are bigger and I could actually spread out my changing mat.

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    The one at the Eden Project in Cornwall UK is brilliant.

    Over head hoist,

    table that risers and Lowers.

    And a powerful shower.

    Lods of room as well.

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