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Thread: Where can I buy quality diapers?

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    Default Where can I buy quality diapers?

    I usually buy diapers at the store rather than on the internet. I would enjoy ordering on the internet, but either the package would get stolen or my roommate may 'mistake' the package and 'accidentally' open it. I would like to order some Tranquility diapers but the local megastore only stocks Depends, Tena, and Assurance. Ditto for the pharmacy / med-supply stores.

    Does anyone know of a store in US where one can walk in anonymously and buy Tranquility diapers?

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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    I'm not certain about Tranquility itself, but if you do a search for "Surgical Supply" stores near you (they're kinda like drugstores on steroids), or "medical supply", you can give them a call and see what they have in stock. They will probably have something even better than Tranquility (like Abena, Dry24/7, etc), but certainly something to live up to what you're looking for.

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    Or you could get a PO box. The rates vary, but you would want the smallest box available. Then they would put the package in a parcel box. As long as the package isn't too big, then it will be behind the counter. If it's behind the counter, you have to go when they are "open" but if it is in a parcel box, you can usually go get it 24/7; again, this depends on the location. I have one and it only costs me $14 every three months. I'm not sure if you could find one that cheap, but it never hurts to look!

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