Hi folks

Recently my urge to tell my wife Im attracted to wearing nappies has gotten so its all i can think about because my urge to wear wont suppress. Problem was even if i could get round to the subject I never thought she would accept it.
Cut to last night we were having one of those 3 hr deep conversations about life and i veered discussion onto my recent Aspergers diagnosis and then onto my sexual predilections. I explained that due to the condition I am attracted to aesthetics and can find it hard to tune into the emotional drive for sex. She already knew i had a big satin/leather fetish which I said expanded to all shiny fabrics etc.
I then said Aspergers can sometimes mean attractions to harmless paraphilias and whilst i dont choose these i am interested in some.
She then amazingly says that she doesnt mind i could be into anything so long as its not painful or disgusting etc ... so i said well i am drawn to abdl for example .. not the baby space side but the using the rhing as a stresss buster (which is true) and pointed out couples use this as harmless fun to 'escape' which my manic Aspergers brain needs - 'escape' so i dunno i said but i feel like i might find it does this function for me ..... she then says i should do whatever i want and that our sex life is great and that whatever turns me on sexually is what turns her on.
I simply cant believe my ears at this point ... she keeps encouraging me that i should be whatever i want to be and tonight we will start by exchanging lists of things that we think the other could do or participate in which could make our lives together more fulfilling and exciting.
So now that i have a green light for anything outside of really weird shit im gonna feel totally comfy starting with things like lingerie i like then onto other date night stuff and then that im gonna try nappies/diapers out to see if not only does it calm me down but alleviates stress which affects my IBS ... she will support this and i should be sleeping in nappies in our bed by the weekend under the agreement its therapeutic. As she said she is turned on by turning me on ill see if she will try some nice crinkly pink ones 'just as an experiment' ... im sure i could make her enjoy that.
So it seems i managed to gain approval by treading carefully if she had expressed shock etc when i mention being drawn to a 'facet' of abdl i had kept a get out clause... which thankfully i didnt need. Also by going through a big list of kinks/fetishes/paraphilia i found she was quite open to 2 or 3 meaning I could factor in the theory we could experiment and if it was great then we can adopt if not no biggie.
Likelihood is ill tell her im trying out a nappy/diaper in a day or two cos i want to buy some to try to see if it does give me a psychological stress break and after ill say its all that and more and suggest she try just to see how it feels ... best case scenario im ordering up for us both ... if not ill occassionally wear at night and it will no doubt become part of foreplay for me just.
Tune in tonight when i will have her reaction to this list im gonna write and ill see whats on hers. I know she cant backtrack on the nappies but her acceptance may fade or strengthen. Think ill bring flowers home ?
Point of thread is dont wanna hijack similar ones and also that skillful conversation manipulation could work for others ? I guess only if like me its just wearing ... i dont think she would go for being my mommy or changing me but im not into that thankfully ... more later ... never in my whole life been so excited