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    My boss is away again. I'm once again in control of the business. It should be relatively easy, if not a little exhausting. My staff holds me in a good light, so we shouldn't have any problems.
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    Have fun! For many years, I was the most senior of my manager's directs. This meant that, when he was away, I usually received a temporary promotion to--well, not Head Honcho, but header than the sort of honcho I was when the boss was around, anyway.

    Sadly, the transfer of power usually went something like this:

    Hey, Cottontail. I'm going to be out of the office next week. Would you mind taking the reins?

    Of course not.

    Great! I really appreciate it. I'm going to forward all of my meeting schedules to you. A couple of them are with {some Vice President}, so you'll need to prepare reports for those.

    (Out loud) Sounds good.
    (In head) FUUUUUUUUU--!!!
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    sounds awesome I hope you have a great time running things, being in charge always has it's perks. XD

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    I'm an operations engineer for my utility company, when our line super intendant leaves to either cover other people or vacation, I'm given the lead role for our shops day to day operations. It's not a bad job, sometimes a bit boring. The funny thing is there are 3 people "higher" up the ladder than me, but in his words " I don't trust them, they will want to start issues with the guys and go on a power trip" I'm like ok, well everyone likes me so this isn't a big deal, we'll just keep the day flowing and not change a thing while your gone."

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    I hated it when my bosses were on vacation. Once one of my bosses took a vacation to Hawaii; but his assistant made me handle all of the work That was supposed to be his job (unloading trucks, reloading salvage, writing order for next truck, running 3-5 aisles a night, conditioning, and then scanning outages and low spots) and it stressed me out!

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