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Thread: New Drynites - My take

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    Default New Drynites - My take

    It was all a bad idea from the start - I went into the shop and there was about 3 girls stood in the nappy isle, but I wasn't going to be put off I had gone to the shop for a reason - So I simply ignored them and picked up what I wanted and started walking away.. Well as soon as they saw what I'd picked up with the big 8-15 years written on it they started giggling amongst themselves.. I ignored them, but I must have gone about 100 shades of red.

    Anyway, finally I get them home and examine them.. They're very very thin, not as stretchy and overall not a very nice nappy! - The first thing I noticed when I took one out of the packet was the smell, you know, the smell of Pampers! - That's a plus about them.

    They also appear to be alot crinklier than the previous Drynites, good or bad, you decide!!

    I'm wearing one right now and it's comfortable, but I'm standing in the tub when I wet it because I doubt it's going to hold much at all.

    Pics are in the gallery, Message - My Photo Gallery


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    Interesting that they smell like pampers. I would get them just for that. I'm jealous. However they look a lot like the goodnites.

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    have they gone back to the original sizing or are they still on the too-small-to-be-any-use trim-fit size?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ade View Post
    have they gone back to the original sizing or are they still on the too-small-to-be-any-use trim-fit size?
    too-small-to-be-any-use trim-fit size!!!

    I've thrown mine away, waste I know but meh! - Recently I've been using Tena Slip Maxi and I guess I'm comparing Drynites to Tena too much..

    The only good thing about the DN's is the Pampers smell and crinklyness I guess.

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    Hahaha about the mugs they put on the bag!

    It's weird to see a 15 years old boy on a bag of diaper.

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    well, wasn't expecting this but they came here in Italy too.
    Weird, because I didn't saw yet the boxer style here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MTC17 View Post
    are the drynites the same as goodnites
    Yes, it's their brand name outside the Americas.

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    I know this is going to sond dumb, but, are Drynites, and Goodnites the same thing? they look the same too me.

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