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    I need a bed pad that is sticky on the back like goodnites bed mats and was curious if such a product exists, reason being is I move around a lot in my sleep and the regular ones just get wadded up or thrown in the floor. I have been buying the goodnites bed mats because they are sticky and stay put to serve their purpose but the price of them is going to send me to the poor house. Any help or ideas are appreciated.

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    Not that I know. The chux pads I used never had adhesive.

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    How about getting a washable one? Some are very heavy and stay put just because of that, but if it's not enough, they can be held in place with pins from the corners.

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    I am a seriously heavy wetter and don't even use a bed pad anymore. I wear BetterDry dipers and very rarely have a leak even with wetting multiple times per night.

    On nights when I drank more fluids than normal or just feel like my incon has been on over drive, I put a Abena Abri San Maxi in the Better Dry. That combo could hold back the hoover dam.

    If you are certain that bed pads are a better option for you, you could try checking out northshorecare supply. They might have something.

    You also might have luck getting the good nites pads at a BJ's or Costco or something where you can save by buying in bulk.

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    Get a large (3FT X 4FT) washable bedpad. They are a bit expensive but it's only a one-time expense and I've found that the large ones stay in place very well. It's best to buy two so if one gets wet you can wash one and have another to use. It's also nice to have an extra so you can take it with you on a trip.

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    The reason I am having problems right now is I lost a decent amount of weight recently so the large size diapers I have (confidry and abu space/simple/little paws) are slightly too big now but I have not quite lost enough weight to wear mediums yet making this a temporary situation I hope anyway. I will look for deals on the goodnites in the meantime as well as looking into a reusable mat. Thanks so much

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