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Thread: Spent a hot day in Diapers

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    Default Spent a hot day in Diapers

    Its been 90 and humid all day. I wanted stay diapered to see how it was. In shorts and T Shirt and a Super Dry Kid it was not really that bad. I even took a 2 mile walk with wife and kid. A little sweaty...but not uncomfortable

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    I mowed my lawn yesterday diapered 85 with high humidity, walked about an acre or so with my walk behind, same here, got a little sweaty but being diapered didn't add to my uncomfortableness

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    Quote Originally Posted by jdp070 View Post
    Powder helps on hot days.

    Very True

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    I do all of my jogging with Depends on under my running clothes. We've already had some scorchers where I am, but that never stops me.

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    I worked in a hot shop of 90+ two days last week, I enjoy it and do it often throughout the summer. My only issue is towards the end of the day I have to avoid others because I'm always afraid the smell may be noticeable

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    Do it all time live in Texas wear 24/7 powder helps allot

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    you can get away with wearing in hot weather, just give your skin the proper care, change diapers more frequent, and also powder and use cream everytime...
    when using cream let it aborb into your skin, let it dry for a minute or 2 in open air ( using a restroom stall )

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