View Poll Results: Check all the things you use in a diaper change (besides the diaper, of course).

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  • Baby Powder

    67 64.42%
  • Wipes

    74 71.15%
  • Baby Oil

    15 14.42%
  • Plastic Pants

    28 26.92%
  • Rash Cream (When Needed)

    32 30.77%
  • Changing Mat or Surface

    27 25.96%
  • Other

    24 23.08%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: What You Use in Diapers and Diaper Changes

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    Default What You Use in Diapers and Diaper Changes

    Check all that apply. Enjoy!

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    Not much, some wipes when take em off and powder when putting on, with a towel under me as i use the powder.

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    I use most time baby powder and wipes but night time put on diaper rash cream because be in A wet diaper all night long.

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    I used wipes and baby powder the most. I sometimes use baby and rash creams if I start to get a rash. OMG!! I hate rashes, especially in summer.

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    I take a shower after diaper wearing at night. I use baby cream after my shower. The baby lotion makes me feel good all day.

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    I wear diapers 24/7 so I have to take extra care of my skin and I use wipes and cream as needed to prevent diaper rash. I'm not continent as you might know from my profile.

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    Sometimes I use wipes, usually just a shower though.

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