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Thread: free cloth diaper sewing patterns

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    Default free cloth diaper sewing patterns

    hi everyone !

    i'm looking for free diaper sewing patterns,
    i've googled but found not much than baby patterns

    does someone have an idea for an all in one ?

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    A week or two ago I started a new thread telling my expirience with my first cloth Diaper:

    In here you can find patterns for child and adult sized pocket diapers. "KCK Snap On Pull Off Diaper Patterns (adult series)"
    I must say, In my case I modified the pattern for the outer layer: I made the crotch wider so when you stuff in soakers it bulks more to outside than inside (something tells me this should make it more leakproof, although I have no idea about cloth diapers). If you do, you must keep in mind that both perimeters of the leg curvature (for the outer and inner layers) must match perfectly, else you will have some problems when sewing.

    Edit: Something weird I've seen is that the instructions on how to put hook&loop / snaps, make it so the front goes over to the back. That's counterintuitive... it's the oposite of disposables / any other pocket diaper and a bit awkward when you have to put it on. I'm not sure why is that done as so, but I kept them as the instructions said just in case.

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