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    Known about this site for a while, finally decided to join up.

    I enjoy wearing diapers/nappies and occasionally partake in the AB side. I don't wear 24/7 nor do I have a medical need for them, I just enjoy wearing them.

    Other than that, I mostly play games when I get the chance (work takes up too much time).

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    Hello BabyBoyRyan and welcome to the group.

    Very informative introduction.


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    Hi BabyBoyRyan,
    welcome to the group.

    Apart from nappy wearing and your ab side what other interests and hobbies do you have? what sort of games do you like, I'm currently playing Civilization VI and the latest Warhammer 40k release. what is your field of work?
    are you married or with a partner and if so do they know about this side of you and are they supportive or not? Lots' of questions i know, but the more you tell us about yourself, the more members will see what they have in common with you.

    If you need ideas on what to say have a look at the top of the page and read ADISC Intro, Rules & Tips. there is a lot of information for new members.

    In the mean time have a look through the forums and find some you like, then just jump in and take part. We are a friendlt bunch and if you have a question or need support you'll receive it by the bag full.

    Again welcome to ADISC.

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    As for what games I play, mostly RPGs and RTS games with the odd FPS thrown into the mix. I actually work in the games industry. No partner

    Oh and I play Guitar (learning).

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