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    Default Pretty pink nappys uk

    Hi does anyone know where I can buy pretty pink nappys in the UK please

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    Only company I know in UK is dotty but I'm not to fond of them

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    Quote Originally Posted by hollysissysubuk View Post
    Hi does anyone know where I can buy pretty pink nappys in the UK please
    I don't know if that's a specific brand/model you're talking about. I've never heard of "Pretty pink nappys" before so I'll assume you just want pink disposable diapers. You've got some options:

    - awwsocute has pink bears - fit is a bit sloppy, no waist elastic
    - DC Amore's kitten are wonderful - a great overall diaper
    - MyDiaper has pink princess (they're out of Germany via SaveExpress) - the best value
    - Rearz (Canada) also has a model named Princess - the thickest best quality

    ABUniverse doesn't have any pink shell or mostly pink print diapers, (which kind of surprises me) but you might find something you like in their sticker store.

    I'd suggest you get Kitten if you can in your area, otherwise look up MyDiaper Princess.

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    Went for plastic panties more fun

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    There's loads to choose from.....I personally like dry nights gotta be pink tho

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