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Thread: How do you decide?

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    Default How do you decide?

    I am day three into a four day alone/diaper time at home. My wife and kid are out of town while I had to go to work.

    Over the last few years I have amassed a very large and diverse collection of diapers which is presenting a problem for me. I can not decide which diaper to wear next.

    The first night alone was easy. I just purchased some Magnificos and definitely wanted to try those out. I also purchased Safaris and Princess diapers from Bambino, so I wanted to try those. My delivery of and ABU Preschool plastic came in on day two, so, of course, those went on. I have also purchased some larger sizes to do some stuffing with inserts to make them nice and thick. I also like the feel of the larger diaper. It makes me feel even more little.

    Finally, here is the question. If you have a limited window to wear diapers freely, what is the main criteria for choosing a diaper? Is it quantity ('I have too many of these, so I have to wear some of them to make room')? Is it quality ('I want to wet the bejeezus out of this thing, here is the best one for that')? Is it style ('I rarely get to wear tape style diapers, so no pull-ups this week')? Is it babyish-ness ('These are the cutest diapers I own, I have to wear them')? Randomly throw them into a pile and just blindly grab one? Etc.

    I am at the point where I can't decide. Today I am taking inventory and sort of choosing by quantity, but every diaper I look at, I want to wear.

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    I like variety, so I sometimes get into a similar quandary to what you describe. I think it's usually a matter of practicality. If I'm going out and doing things, it's going to be something thinner so I'll have reasonable discretion and comfort and less chafing. Even if I'm not active, I tend to find thinner more comfortable, so I often have to push myself a bit to wear thicker if those are piling up.

    Socializing can also have an impact. For me, an all-white diaper is iconic. For a lot of my friends, they're boring, medical, or geriatric, and I'm not quite that old yet. Prints of some kind get the priority in that case, and often thicker besides. At night, if nothing seems quite right, sometimes I'll just punt with cloth. If I'm not that enthused about a given option, why spend the money for a disposable?

    Good luck with your decision!

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    Quality is the most important for me. It doesn't matter how it looks if it doesn't work, then it's worthless to me. Baby prints and style is a great thing to add after that though.

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    I have three typical diapers at the moment.
    • Depend Protection with Tabs (plastic)
    • Tranquility ATN
    • Abena M4

    The Depend are my typical diapers for any given day because most of the time I only wear diapers not use them. The ATNs are nice for a thicker diaper and for times that I might wet the diaper. The Abenas I only wear if I intend on wearing for a prolonged period of time and wetting it as well.

    The reason for this has a lot to do with the cost. The Depend are the lowest quality, so any time I have no intention of wetting they are the first choice. Conversely, the Abena are most expensive, so I only wear them when I intend to get the most possible use out of them.

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    I can see this will be a fascinating discussion. I would hope people were okay for me to put my own spin on the question.

    When playing with my littles the best part for me is the diaper change. Depending on the situation or role play different diapers are needed. One little I play with is much more into the role play side of things and wants everything as baby like as possible. When they visit they always bring a few colourful AB type diapers. Quite thick with patterns and cute pictures. I always point out the various animals and shapes which really brings the whole thing to life for them.

    Another little I play with leans much more to the punishment, humiliation and wetting side of things. The more medical, plain and thinner the diapers are seem to bring the coldness and shaming to the fore. It is less about cuteness and more about clinical regime. The diaper changes are not fun, drawn out or playful affairs. It is more like nurse meets head mistress type play, very matter of fact and efficient. I draw attention to the fact of having to wear them instead of how cute and colourful they are.

    I feel with such a variety of diapers on offer these days it is no wonder folk get muddled choosing which to wear. For me the amount of choice these days aids bringing my role plays to life. And since diaper play is a very central theme for me, having choices in abundance gives me variety in the experiences I can enjoy or offer.

    Really looking forward to how this thread develops.

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    Thanks, Trevor. I agree with you about the practicality. I do make decisions based on the situation. If I have decided to run errands in a diaper, then the thickness of the diaper comes into play. How it looks is not as important. Quality is, however, because no one wants leaks.

    Zaps. I get where you are coming from. I just purchased some of the re-issued plastic Depends. They are great for the feeling, not for the wetting. Abena M-4 were one of the first heavy duty quality diaper I ever purchased. Awesome.

    Mother Faith. All I can say is that I needed a moment after reading your post. Either one of those scenarios have been a fantasy of mine. I only wish my decision was based on what scene I was doing that night. Alas, one day I might find out. Sometimes I wish this was a different site, so I could expand. Suffice it to say, thank you for your post.

    I guess I should point out that I don't really expect an answer from this community. This burden is my own, and I am not complaining. What I wanted is to hear the different points of view about how you all select the heavenly padding we all crave so much.

    Sorry for the interruption.

    (FYI, my current selection is an original Snuggies diaper. I just discovered and un-opened pack in the back of my stash.)

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